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Sporty Beavers Do Their Best At 1st Woosehill’s Annual Olympics

A mixed team from Swifts and Kingfishers Beavers, including Aaron and Ameile Atkinson, Theo Dixon and Harry Westland, claimed first place in the annual 1st Woosehill Scouts Olympics. A firm favourite with the Group’s youngsters, over 30 Beavers in five teams battled it out to score points in an obstacle course, penalty shoot out, golf challenge, egg and spoon race and tennis ball contest. Pingu (Sarah Humphreys) Beaver Leader for Swifts, said: “It was a hot evening so the Beavers used up lots of energy to do their best. We were really impressed with their enthusiasm and good sportsmanship. In the end they were all winners!”

Clowning around

Swifts and Kingfisher Beavers ended up clowning around when Cathy Valentine of Circus Scene visited the 1st Woosehill Scout Hut to teacher the youngsters some circus skills. Beavers tried their hands at plate spinning, juggling, balancing peacock feathers and riding clown tricycles. “Cathy had them trying things they had never done before and they loved every minute of it!” said Pingu, Swifts Beaver Leader. “The boys and girls surprised themselves at the skills they discovered – who knows, there might be a future circus legend in our Colony!

How many plates!

Fur, Feathers, Scales and Prickles

1st Woosehill Beavers got up close and personal with a menagerie of creatures with fur, feathers, scales and even prickles when the Animal Man came to see them with his friends. Both Swifts (Tuesday Beavers) and Kingfishers (Wednesday Beavers) were able to handle the animals while they learned all about their lifestyles from Luke Quirk. The session featured such exotic creatures as a Giant African Millipede, Corn Snake and African Pygmy Hedgehog while also including more familiar varities such as a chicken, baby guinea pig and a giant house rabbit. The Beavers new found animal handling skills and knowledge is being put to good use as they work towards their Animal Friend badge.

Beavers fundraise for Dingley Family & Specialist Early Years Centre

Kind hearted Beavers from 1st Woosehill Scout Group raised £119.10 for local charity, Dingley Family & Specialist Early Years Centre, through their hard work over the half term break. Dingley provides a place where children, from birth to five, with additional needs and disabilities can develop skills through play under the supervision of qualified staff and is the Woosehill Beavers’ chosen charity for this academic year.

Boys and girls from Swifts and Kingfishers were given a Good Deed form to fill out with jobs that they had done for their families and received ‘donations’ in return for their efforts. Tasks such as bed making, cooking breakfast, putting out the bins, washing the car, walking the dog and even brushing the cat all added coins to the two colony’s collection. Even better news, once the total was in, the money raised was match funded through giving an amazing final total of £239.10!

Watch this space for news on the Beavers’ continued fund raising efforts for Dingley throughout the year.

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Remembrance Sunday

Flags from the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts of 1st Woosehill Scouts were proudly displayed for the first time at Woosehill Community Church when they attended the Remembrance Day service there on Sunday 9th November 2014. Reverend Patrick King welcomed the 50 plus children, teenagers and their leaders as he presided over the service that culminated in the youngsters ‘planting’ their handmade poppies in the ground outside the Church.

Beavers are at home on the water at the Wokingham Waterside Centre

Swift Beavers showed off their aquatic skills when they visited Wokingham Waterside Centre for a katakanuing session at the end of the summer term.

Dark skies and a torrential downpour couldn’t dampen the spirits of the enthusiastic Colony that first enjoyed a picnic under canvas and then went through the safety procedures with the Centre’s instructors. Once fitted with life jackets and paddle, groups of four or five boarded their katakanu with an adult and cast away!!

As a result of an afternoon of fun on the water, playing games and racing each other, the Beavers dried off and were then awarded their Time on the Water badge – well done!

1st Woosehill Scouts AGM & BBQ – Saturday 5th July

Even the Quarter Finals of the 2014 Football World Cup couldn’t keep people away from the 1st Woosehill Scouts AGM and BBQ on Saturday 5th July!

More than 50 people arrived early in the evening for the AGM where they learned about the Group’s activities, watched a presentation of photos taken at the varied adventures the Sections had undertaken in the past 12 months and were entertained by the Swifts and Kingfishers Beaver colonies as they acted out the Robin Hood song and told guests the things they had enjoyed doing during the year.

Official proceedings over, scores of adults and children arrived bringing the total to 172 people who tucked into a tasty BBQ and enjoyed games and camp songs around the fire! Generosity was the order of the evening with a Cupcake Competition and Sale raising £50 for Cancer Research and ticket and refreshment sales adding £1,000 to 1st Woosehill’s funding raising account. Thank you to all who attended and gave so generously.

Beaver Olympics

Swifts and Kingfishers Beavers joined forces for their annual Olympics on Wednesday 2nd July. Six groups, comprising youngsters from both Colonies, took turns to tackle a series of events such as: penalty shoot out; golf challenge; balancing act; keepy uppies; and in the bucket.

The eldest Beaver from each Colony held aloft the 1st Woosehill Olympic ‘torch’ as they led the teams in a parade to the event ground. After much fun and good sportsmanship the points were  added up and the winners declared – the Green Team! Each received a special 1st Woosehill Beavers Olympic Badge to display on their jumper or camp blanket and the runners up were all awarded a small prize.

At the end of the session, athletes and their parents were able to buy cakes and cookies from the Leaders’ charity cake stall to raise funds for this year’s Swifts’ nominated charity, Crossroads that provides respite for local children that are full time carers. This was added to the voluntary £1 ‘entry’ donation giving a total of £67 raised! Thank you for your support!

Swift Beavers Pond Dipping at Dinton Pastures

Aquatic beasties and creepy crawlies were discovered in the murky depths of the waters at Dinton Pastures when the Swifts Beavers went pond dipping there on 6 May. Bear Grylls would have been proud as the intrepid nature explorers found a wide range of creatures to capture in their nets, including a Water Scorpion! On the way back to meet their parents the Beavers tried out the newly-opened Adventure Park including a zip wire, troll holes and giant climbing logs. “Can we come back again, that was awesome?!,” was the gang’s verdict.