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Beavers Build Apple Computers of the Future!

Swifts and Kingfisher Beavers had an amazing evening at the Apple Store in The Oracle learning to become computer designers of the future. The youngsters found about technology and data, old computers and how to research them on the iPad, were shown how to work an Apple Pen and then used it to design a computer for the future! Beavers had such wonderful ideas as a computer shaped like a bunny, one that listened to commands, one where you simply had to hover your fingers over the keypad and one entrepreneur even designed their own brand name and logo! Thanks to the staff in the store, the Beavers were all able to complete their Digital – Citizen badge at the end of the session.

Beavers Scale New Heights at Go Ape

Swift and Kingfisher Beavers left the safety of their Lodges at the Scout Hut to scale new heights of achievement at the Junior Treetop Adventure at Go Ape, Swinley Forest. The two Colonies joined together in the last meeting of the summer term to tackle the high wire obstacle course, finishing with a thrilling zip wire ride down from the trees to the forest floor. All the Beavers completed the course and showed great courage and perseverance overcoming the physical challenges and, even more impressively, conquering any personal fears. Maybe we should call them Squirrels, and not Beavers, in future!

Beavers Make New Born Friends Down On The Farm

Beavers from 1st Woosehill Scouts were thrilled to be able to cuddle new born lambs when they visited Lockey Farm in Arborfield, Reading. The youngsters went on a guided tour of the farm and saw where the resident 4,500 hens lay 30,000 eggs a week! They also learned all about the sheep with their new born lambs and got to sit and hold some of the babies. One sheep even produced a lamb while the Beavers were there – a really special end to their trip!

Beavers Learn About Other Animal Friends

Any 1st Woosehill Beavers that had ever wondered what the difference is between a rabbit and a guinea pig, what to do with a poorly goldfish or how best to care for a Leopard Gecko had all their questions answered (and more!) when they visited Pets at Home, Winnersh.

Swifts and Kingfishers were given a guided tour to learn all about the animals, fish and reptiles kept there and take a peek behind the scenes to find out how the knowledgeable team run things which helped the Beavers on their way to earn their Animal Friend Activity badge. The lucky youngsters even got to cuddle guinea pigs and hamsters and ended the visit by giving the goldfish their tea!

New GSL invested with Beavers and Scouts at group campfire

Steve Capel was officially invested as 1st Woosehill Scout’s new Group Scout Leader (GSL) at the Group’s first joint campfire, attended by all Sections.

Steve Capel Invested

Steve joined new Beavers and Scouts as they took their Promises and reaffirmed that he would ‘do his best’ as he received the Group’s distinctive blue necker from youngest Scout. Following the ceremony, everyone gathered round the roaring campfire to sing songs and enjoy hot chocolate, marshmallows and cakes. A great way to mark a new era for 1st Woosehill, welcoming newbies to the Scouting family and marking the start of a new school year for returning youngsters.

Steve Capel with Beavers and Scouts

Beavers Tee Off for the First Time at Footgolf

Beavers of 1st Woosehill Scout Group made their first ever visit to Footgolf at Wokingham Family Golf facility and the results were well above par!! The Beavers split into their four Lodges to tackle the 9-hole course where they each attempted to use the least number of kicks to get their football into the over-sized hole. With different natural obstacles and terrain at each hole, the youngsters had to hone their skills not to get lost in the rough and then safely reach the green. Sarah Humphreys, BSL, said: “It was our first outing to Footgolf but it definitely won’t be the last. All the Beavers enjoyed learning some new skills and have already asked if they can come back again next week!”Beavers play footgolf

Beavers Man the Pumps

Swift and Kingfisher Beavers from 1st Woosehill Scout Group got the opportunity to man the pumps during their visit to Wokingham Fire Station. White Watch, led by Marcus Lewis, showed the Beavers around the building and explained how they trained, lived and worked out during their time on watch. They taught the youngsters what to do in the case of a fire and the different types of fire extinguishers. The highlight of the tour came at the end when each Beaver was able to go inside a fire engine and then take their turn using the hose to hit a target – a fireman with a cone on his head!

Police Visit

A police van, blue flashing lights and riot gear were all in evidence at the 1st Woosehill Scout Hut one Tuesday and Wednesday evening in October and luckily, although their were plenty of suspicious characters (Beavers) there, no arrests were made! PC Carter and PCSO Baughn, from Thames Valley Police, visited Swift and Kingfisher Beavers to tell them all about their local police force and show them the equipment they use. Beavers were able to experience what it is like to be handcuffed, listen to message on the radio, feel how heavy a riot helmet is to wear and even sit in the driving seat of the police van and hear the sirens going off! The officers also took a very lively question and answer session and urged all the youngsters to say hello to them when they saw them on the beat.

Apple pressing

There was no need to lay on refreshments for Swift and Kingfisher Beavers when volunteers from the Community Apple Press visited the 1st Woosehill Scout Hut this autumn – the youngsters simply pressed their own apples and drank the juice! Mary and Harry Paul set up the press in the Hut grounds and then explained how it worked. Beavers quickly got to work chopping up eating and cooking apples (being careful to remove any signs of bugs), tipped the quarters into the machine and all had a go turning the wheel that worked the press. The results immediately produced jugs of fresh apple juice that the Beavers and their families all declared ‘delicious – sweeter than anything you get in cartons!’.

Sporty Beavers Do Their Best At 1st Woosehill’s Annual Olympics

A mixed team from Swifts and Kingfishers Beavers, including Aaron and Ameile Atkinson, Theo Dixon and Harry Westland, claimed first place in the annual 1st Woosehill Scouts Olympics. A firm favourite with the Group’s youngsters, over 30 Beavers in five teams battled it out to score points in an obstacle course, penalty shoot out, golf challenge, egg and spoon race and tennis ball contest. Pingu (Sarah Humphreys) Beaver Leader for Swifts, said: “It was a hot evening so the Beavers used up lots of energy to do their best. We were really impressed with their enthusiasm and good sportsmanship. In the end they were all winners!”