Waiting List Policy (02/2017)

You may apply to have your child put onto the waiting list once they are 4 years old.

When places become available they are first offered to the young people who have been on the waiting list the longest and who are aged between the minimum age for the section for which they have applied and the minimum age plus 6 months. If there are more places than can be filled on this basis we will offer places considering the effect on the group as a whole.

For instance, if we were to take Beavers at 7yrs 6months then they would only spend 6 months with the Beaver Colony and move straight to Cubs where there may not be a space. This is a consequence of our group being heavily over-subscribed.

We however make the following exceptions:

  • Children of current or new leaders are given priority because we depend heavily on parent volunteers for our leadership teams.
  • A young person already in scouting and moving home into the area from another scout district will be considered for a place.
  • Those moving up through the Group (from Beavers to Cubs, and Cubs to Scouts) are offered places ahead of those on the waiting list.

We contact parents (by phone or email) if a space becomes available, approximately half a term before their child is due to start.

Our waiting lists often exceed the number of spaces available and so we are not always able to offer a place. A child that does not obtain a place in one section will be held our waiting list for the next age group. There is no need to reapply for each section.

If you wish to join our waiting list, please complete the Application Form.

If you have previously applied and now wish to be removed from the waiting list, please complete this request form.

If you have registered your child on the waiting list for 1st Woosehill and you do not hear from us, please contact us via  the our General Enquiries form.

Key Policies

1st Woosehill Scout group operate in accordance with the key policies of the Scout Association.  These policies are:

  • Fundamentals of Scouting
  • Religious policy
  • Equal opportunities
  • Safety
  • Development
  • Child protection

Details of these policies can be found on the Scout Association website.